Saturday, April 13, 2013

WOULD YOU RATHER? (Book Edition!)

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The Questions:
Would you rather read a hardcover or paperback?
Would you rather buy your book online or at a bookstore?
Would you rather be a runner in the maze runner or a tribute in the hunger games.
Would you rather ride a broom or a hippogriff?
Would you rather be running from count loaf or be running away from snatchers like in deathly hallows?
Would you rather go on a trip to amsterdam with Hazel and Augustus or on a road trip with Quentin Jacobsen and his friends?
Would you rather explore Narnia or explore Hogwarts?
Would you rather read a stand alone or a series?
Would you rather read fiction or nonfiction?
Would you rather read at home or at a quiet public place?
Would you rather venture the secret garden or venture into the forbidden forest?
Would you rather be a shadow hunter or a demigod?
Would you rather be a squib or a downworlder?
Would you rather fall into a rabbit hole and find wonderland or rather fly off to never land with peter pan?

Hardcover. They last longer and something about it, I just love it. But paperbacks are cheaper.

Online. They're more cheaper and my bookstore is in another city where I'm from, but I still shop at the same store.

I haven't read The Maze Runner, but I'd choose a runner from what I heard of. I would die the second the timer when off in The Hunger Games.

Definitely a  hippogriff!

I gotta stick with my Harry Potter, I rather have snatchers chase me. (Well, this is gonna be fun)

Gosh this is hard. Why does John Green have to do this to me! I guess a road trip because travling to many places instead of just one would be absolutely brilliant.

Damnit! Growing up with both of these books... I choose... can I choose both? I'm gonna say Narina.

Series. One habit I have reading books is that I hold on to the character's and I become attached to them.

I love fiction. The number one reason why I read books is to get away from the real world and into something that's like no other.

I read at home, on my bed.

I choose the secret garden. I mean why the forbidden forest? It's like Slender but in Harry Potter.

Okay this has to be the hardest one ever! Being a demigod I could be daughter of Poseidon and Zeus but being a shadow hunter I could fight demons and be with Jace, Will, and Jem. I guess shadowhunter but if there was a such thing as both, I would choose both.

I would be a downworlder. We Cassandra Clare fans have to stick together.

Neverland... I wish both though.

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