Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I got this challenge from Jesse from Jessethereader over on Youtube link here. Basically you describe books in under 140 characters. Easy right? Yeah.... no. It's actually harder than I thought it would be. This is a challenge so, I challenged myself to do 10 books.

Tris has to choose one of the five factions to define who she is. She fits not one but three of them and this made her life more difficult. (140)

Mara moves to Miami after her friends died. She meets Noah and suddenly people are dying and Mara thinks she's going insane. (125)

Clary never knew she could see demons until she meets Jace. Now her mom is missing and with his help, she unlocks her heritage. (127)

Tessa goes to London to find her brother. Only that what she found is that she's a Downworlder and needs to trust Shadowhunters to help her. (140)

All 15 and up disappeared and no one knows how it happened. A group a kids tries to find out what happened and some developed new powers. (138)

Katy lives next to a very hot alien guy named Daemon and she gets tangled up in this mess with Arums. That and she's totally wants him. (135)

Anna is a daughter of a demon and an angel. Anna goes on a road trip with Kaiden and slowly falls for him which is strictly forbidden. (134)

When Juliet finds out her dad is alive, she travels to her dad's island only there she finds murders, mutations, insane things, and love. (138)

Juliette has an ability to kill someone by touching them. She's been locked up 264 days until The Reestablishment wants her as a weapon. (136)

Ali's family died in a car accident because of these 'monsters.' Only that those monsters are zombies and she must learn to fight them. (135)

Well that was fun. I might be doing another one. 

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