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The Last Prince of Atlantis by Leonard Clifton Review

Publication Date: January 30, 2012
Publisher: N/A
Format: E-book
Page Count: 442 pages
Source: Author

Allen King is a 15 year African American male teenager living in a blue collar family in Miami,Florida. Allen immediately discovers after finding a crystal necklace that he's an alien hybrid prince of ancient royalty. Suddenly things change as this shy teenager becomes a strong leader by having the power of telepathy and teleportation besides communicating with sea animals. Allen is aided by a beautiful young Greek goddess,two orphan teens and his boisterous uncle. Together while keeping the earth safe they fight Allen's immortal enemies with high hopes of restoring his kingdom, the lost city of Atlantis.


The Last Prince of Atlantis has an original concept and plot. I first noticed this on a giveaway on Goodreads and I entered it but didn't win it. About six months ago, the author contacted me and asked if I wanted to read it and I said yes. It wasn't until April I read this book. Honestly I wasn't amazing but I did enjoy it.

There are some grammar mistakes and at first I just ignored them but as the story progressed, it got kinda annoying but being a self published book, kudos to you Leonard Clifton. The writing style is hard getting used to but other than that it's okay.

This is very different from what I usually read character wise. Most books I read have characters that are mostly whites or English. This has African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and whites.

When I hear this book described as the next Harry Potter or Twilight or The Hunger Games, I say no. I'm not trying to be mean but practical. Those three books has million-billions of fans and TLPOA has maybe 100. This is nothing like Twilight with vampires or werewolves. It doesn't have 24 kids fighting for the death. It doesn't have a boy who discovers he's a wizard. Instead, it has an African American teenage boy who finds out he's some sort of prince who has these amazing powers and is helped by friends and a beautiful goddess.

Overall, I liked it but the writing style just wasn't for me.

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