Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update #2

SUMMER BREAK!! Today was the last day of school for me and I am very excited to finally read as many books as I want without doing any quizzes on them. I have 6 weeks of break meaning I'll be back in high school on July 24th. I passed all my classes this year with a perfect 4.0 and honors roll.

Starting next week (June 9-15) I will be doing a writing marathon where I write reviews for the books I already read. I will be posting updates on my twitter @JessieMLiu and under the hash tag #writingmarathon2013.

I haven't bought any books this month but I seriously don't know what to read next. I'm just not in the mood. I just finished a series and I'm starting to get a book hangover and a book slump. I know I will be reading my list of summer reads but I don't know what else to read. I guess you can suggest some on the comments below, twitter, or on my Goodreads. But I am currently reading Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer.

So here's a short summary of whats happening for the people who are too lazy to read the three paragraphs:

  • Summer break
  • 6 weeks until school starts again
  • Writing marathon on June 9th-15th
  • Don't know what to read next
  • Suggests book for me here, Twitter, or Goodreads
  • Currently reading Elementals by Brigid Kemmerer
                                                                             Happy readings and a summer,

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