Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beautiful Covers Tag

Tag created by:

1. Choose 5 of the most beautiful books in your collection.
2. Choose a beautiful book that features your most favorite color.
3. Choose a beautiful book that features your least favorite color.
4. Choose your favorite cover of a classic.
5. Choose your favorite cover of a children's book.
6. Do you often buy books based solely on a beautiful cover?
7. Out of every book that you own, which book best exemplifies your idea of a beautiful book.


2. I would've picked Fallen but I already did for #1 so:

3. DO NOT LIKE PINK AT ALL, but the new cover I like

4. It's a tie between Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility


6. No I don't. I judge on the synopsis and the genre.

7. I really love gothic, dark, mysterious covers. I don't know why but its like a feeling I have. It's kinda like "Yes! That cover is beautiful and dark and that color. I love it!" I choose Fallen by Lauren Kate. All the books in the Fallen series are beautiful but Fallen is my favorite.
I mean, just look at that dark blue and black. Her dress is amazing. I wish I had her dress. I want this as a prom dress or any dress; I just want it.

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