Saturday, July 6, 2013


If you follow me on Tumblr, you'd know I LOVE watching Doctor Who and I saw this tag on Youtube and I haven't done a tag for so long so here it is.

Original by Sue Moro

The TARDIS is a vehicle the Doctor uses to travel through time and space on the television series Doctor Who. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, the vehicle is bigger on the inside than the outside, and it's stuck in the iconic image of a blue British police box.

For this tag you have hijacked the Doctor's TARDIS and are taking it on a joyride through fiction. You will be traveling to the destinations in time listed below, and you get to pick the location, as in the book you will land in.

Destination 1: You travel back in time. (Which historical novel or book from an earlier period will you choose to travel to and why?)
Destination 2: You travel to a medieval time. (Which fantasy novel will you visit?)
Destination 3: You take the TARDIS into space. (Which sci/fi novel will you visit?)
Destination 4: It's time to return home but the TARDIS sideslips into an alternate universe. (Which dystopian world do you land in, and try to set it right.)
Destination 5: The TARDIS slips into another alternate universe filled with children. (Which middle grade book would you travel to and why?)
Destination 6: The TARDIS finally returns to your universe and you land on Earth in the present time. (Which contemporary novel will you travel to and why?)

Destination 1: A book from an earlier period would have to either book in the Infernal Devices series and it takes place in 1878 in London. I choose this because first, its London, two there's Jem and Will and I could pretend to be Tessa and it'd be fun, and three, at that time they have some pretty good fashion sense. I mean have you seen the Clockwork Princess cover? I want Tessa's or Jessamine's dresses.

Destination 2:  Game of Thrones. Definitely. I haven't read the books but I do watch the show and it has sword fighting, dragons, violence, plus Daenarys, she awesome. 

Destination 3: I don't read that much scifi book. Does Star Wars count?

Destination 4: Ah! So many dystopian books to choose from. NOT The Hunger Games for sure. That place is messed up. I guess I pick Divergent because I get to choose a faction and become and initiate and do that stuff.

Destination 5: Either Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Harry Potter because, hello... Hogwarts and Percy Jackson because of the Greek Gods and Camp Half-Blood. (Poseidon all the way)

Destination 6: Find Me by Romily Bernard because of how cool Wick is and solving mysteries.

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