Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ugly Covers Tag

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The Questions:

1. Choose the top five most hideous book covers in your collection.
2. What convinced you to buy them? Or were they gifted to you?
3. Name a few good books with ugly covers
4. Name a few books that had awful covers and were also bad reads
5. What makes a book cover ugly to you?
6. Are these books likely to be donated/gifted/sold or will you still keep them despite their unattractive appearance?
7. Lastly, award one of your books "King of Ugliness" in the kingdom that is your book collection


2. Beautiful Creatures: The movie 
City of Bones: I first bought it as an e-book because it was 99 cents so I read it and now I am BEYOND obsessed with the series.
Daughter of Smoke and Bone: So many good reviews on it
Poison Study: Again, so many good reviews
Vampire Academy: Tons of people read it so why not me
These are horrible covers but LOVED ALL OF THEM!

3. Every book on #1, Shatter Me, The Elemental Series, every Mortal Instruments book (Very much highly recommend)

4. Every Sookie Stackhouse book and Falling for You

5. Something that's not unique, some people, the color scheme, blandness, etc.

6. I keep them on my bookshelf if I liked/loved/enjoyed them. If it doesn't live up to my expectations, I put them in storage or my drawers.

7. I don't have a tippity top ugly cover but Poison Study and City of Bones for a reason. I mean the cover doesn't bother me and the book itself are both AMAZING/ BRILLIANT, but look at two editions of it.
The one on the right is beautiful. While the one on the left, eh. Like what is this? The right is obviously more intriguing than the original one.
And look at this. The motion picture one is breathtaking! I mean, look at it and its a great repensation of the book. There's another world on Earth fulled with demons, half human-half angel, vampires, warlocks, and faeries. While the original cover is a shirtless Jace. Plus the color scheme on the left is bland and the one on the right looks too good to be true and everybody on Tumblr freaked out when they saw the poster of City of Bones.

DON'T judge a book by its cover. Each and one of these books are amazing (unless I put them on #4).  

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