Thursday, September 26, 2013

Revelations by J.A. Souders Review

Expected Publication Date: November 5, 2013 
Publisher: Tor Teen 
Format: ARC 
Page Count: 352 pages 
Source: Publisher 
Series: The Elysium Chronicle #2


Six weeks after her arrival on the Surface, Evelyn Winters is no closer to unlocking the memories lost in her subconscious than she was when she first came. Isolated in a strange new society, Evie has only Gavin Hunter to remind her of who she once was.

But even with a clean slate, it’s easy to see that Evie doesn’t fit in on the Surface. And as her differences make her feel more and more alone, she can’t help but yearn for that place she doesn’t remember: the isolated city hidden in the depths of the ocean. Elysium. Home.

But she can’t exactly tell Gavin what she’s feeling. Not when he’s the one who helped her escape Elysium in the first place, and has the scars to prove it. Though the doctors say otherwise, Gavin believes that Evie just needs time. And if her memories don’t come back, well, maybe she’s better off not remembering her past.

But the decision may be out of their hands when Evie’s ever-elusive memories begin to collide with reality. People and images from her past appear in the most unlikely places, haunting her, provoking her…and making her seem not only strange but dangerous.

Evie and Gavin can’t wait around for her memories to return. They’ll have to journey across the Outlands of the Surface to find help, and in the end, their search may just lead them back to the place it all started…



First off, thanks so much to Tor Teen and MacMillan Publishers for sending me an ARC of this!

It’s been six weeks since the last book and Evie and Galvin are out of Elysium, an underwater utopia, and now living on the Surface. After everything, Evie doesn’t remember anything from her past and she has these episodes and sleepwalks. People think something is wrong with her so they send her to the city where more advance technology and doctors can see what’s wrong with her and what’s up with her memories. However, they need someone to sponsor them. Enter a new character, Asher. Overall, many crazy things happen and an ending where you will die waiting for the next book.

What I don’t understand is how a book so beautifully crafted can be very twisted and terrifying at the same time. It’s a dual point of view, which is really great so we get to see what really goes through Gavin’s mind.

Yes there is a new character. Evie doesn’t know Asher in the beginning but Gavin knows him and he certainly dislikes him but doesn’t hate him. Asher used to be Gavin’s friend but something happened and there some tension between them but as the book progress, the ice between them melts but not fully. But throughout the book, I could see that Asher is actually a protective person and he really cares about Evie.

At random moments, Evie has little tidbits of her memory from Elysium but mainly when something triggers it. The only thing that she can really hold on to is Gavin, which in my opinion is really cute and sweet. Even though there is a new guy character, THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE! When reading this I was really nervous that there was but nope! I love how when she does get the tidbits of her memory, she thinks of Gavin and it grounds her. I really love their relationship even though it seems a little rocky at some points but it plays out really well.

Now for the last part of the book, OH MY GOSH I CAN’T EVEN! First, I would like to say MOTHER YOU #*#*#! Second, I literally don’t even know what to expect now. It’s not a cliffhanger but it’s one of those that leaves you like “WHAT?!” and just theorizing what’s gonna happen. It’s just the last chapter that makes everything all confusing and then realization hits you and then you’re just there yelling at the book.

I don’t even know anymore. I really don’t know what will happen or end in the next book. Revelations is a book that you don’t want to miss.


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