Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Breaking the Spines Tag

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1. Do you break the spines or prefer to keep your books looking like new?
2. For those who don't like broken spines, have you ever accidentally broken one?
3. If you're buying a used book and the spine is broken, how do you feel about it?
4. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion some people have on "broken spines means that a book is well loved"?
5. Because the spines on hardback books cannot visibly break, do you prefer buying hardback books over paperback books?
6. Aside from breaking spines, do you ever bend the corner of a page if you do not have a bookmark nearby?

1. Always keep my books looking like new.

2. I did broke a spine before. It was one of those Scholastic books so, those were eventually gonna break anyways.

3. I feel a little wary about it. I mean it is a used book which means its probably old and of course used but I really want new condition books.

4. Both. I mean just because the spine is broken doesn't mean it's well loved. And not having a broken spine doesn't mean its not well loved. Just look at half my books. They are in neat condition and I LOVE them very much.

5. Before I would say yes but hardcovers just look very nice on shelves but paperbacks are cheaper. Now I tend to buy paperbacks just because but either way.

6. NO! I never do that and never will!

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