Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top Favorite TV Shows of 2013

Counting down my top 13 TV shows that's still on the air. No particular order at all.

Coven, I think is by far the best season of AHS! Love the whole witch aspect and the characters.


Same thing with AHS, season 3 of Game of Thrones is my favorite season and I cannot wait for season 4 next year!

The Walking Dead just ended with that brutal mid-season finale. Basically, Zombies/Walkers and a group of survivors.

Ohh man! Orphan Black. Orphan Black is a BBC show. This show is so cool. It's about these clones that are scattered around the world and Sara, the main character, didn't know there was more of her until she saw one of her clones at the subway committing suicide. Props to the actress who play all these clones because they are all different and there's only one actress who plays half of the characters on the show.

There's one more episode right now until the mid-season finale. These past few episodes were INSANE! Especially the YOLO episode. Olivia Pope is an amazing character. In my opinion, she's below Sherlock Holmes on the the list of fastest critical thinkers and being right.

I don't really go for teen dramas but THIS SHOW!! AMAZING! Even though the history isn't accurate, the drama and the storyline is amazing. Love this show so very much! Can't wait for the next episode.

I started watching this on Netflix and I could not stop watching it! Finally a TV show that has fairy tales and not a children's network.


Season 3 has been the most heart wrenching, and dark seasons ever in Teen Wolf history.

Haven this season is amazing! It's on Syfy and it's like a drama, supernatural, crime show. People in this town called Haven has these superpowers called Troubles and the person that can stop it is a mysterious women who holds a secret even she doesn't know about her past.


Even though Klaus isn't on TVD anymore, it's still really good and so many doppelgangers!

Grey's Anatomy hasn't be up to par but the seasons before were amazing. I literally binge watch them up until I was finished.

After so many episodes, finally I got some answers and then left with more. Really good teen drama.

I haven't watched as many episodes but maybe the first like 6, but the crime and drama it has is absolutely amazing and a little scary of James Spader's character.

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