Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Went to San Diego Comic Con! (Update #10)

It's been a while, again. This time I had a very good excuse, I went to freaking comic con! I lived in San Diego for my whole entire life and FINALLY yesterday was the day I went.

To some up everything, it was insane! I went on a Saturday and it was so packed. Especially the trolley.

All day I looked for Smosh Games and it was a partial success. I got to meet Joven and Lasercorn. Unsuccessfully, Wes was no where to be found until I found out that he was at Petco Park with the Borderlands laser thing.

I also met the Fine brothers and iJustine. I did see Scott from Superfruit and Pentatonix and KassemG but I didn't get a picture with them.

For celebrities, I didn't meet any but one. I met Danny ( Keahu Kahuanui) from Teen Wolf. I got his autograph but not a picture. He was really funny! I saw Shailene Woodley and Theo James, Paul Wesley, Orlando Bloom. the cast of American Dad and the actors from Ant-Man.

For books and authors, I met the author Jonathan Maberry who wrote Rot & Ruin and I got his book Patient Zero signed! Plus I got a lot a free books and ARCs. One ARC I'm really proud of was the Bad Magic book by P.B. The guy at the booth was so nice enough to give me a copy and he was really cool too. Sadly he wouldn't tell me the author's real name! Damn it, so close!

And lets not forget what I had to deal with all day yesterday, free shit. The people at comic con will literally give you a giant bag and almost every booth, there will be free stuff. I mostly got pins, books, some comics, and these bookmark / postcard things. It was so heavy, I'm still sore.
The best thing after comic con though was to finally sleep. I was so tired and I'm still tired, plus I have school tomorrow.  

My first comic con was a success and I now have more knowledge, like to remember to bring a freaking charger, not even afternoon yet, my phone was dead. I'm probably going to go to comic con again next year and HOPEFULLY Wes will be there.

A book review will be up very soon, I promise.

Jessie x

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