Monday, August 1, 2016

It's not a book slump! (Update #13)

I swear to everyone, I AM NOT IN A BOOK SLUMP.

In July, I only read two books. Those two books were my summer reading assignments for my literature class. I didn't read any other books and I haven't written any reviews. Honestly, I flew through those two books in a day or two so I had time to read plenty of books, BUT I DIDN'T. Like I said, I am not in a reading slump because I have been reading everyday.

Instead of reading actual novels/books, I've been reading a lot of digital comics from this app called 'LINE Webtoon.' This is the reason why I haven't read any books in July. When I downloaded this app in early July, my initial reaction was like, "eh, why not." WHO KNEW IT WOULD TAKE OVER MY LIFE.

Because I use this app almost daily and read a lot of people's web comics, I will probably make a Top 10 Favorite LINE Webtoon Comics very soon.

This app is not the only reason why I haven't been reading physical books. Another reason is I'm back in school. This is my last year and it will be pretty hectic up until December and then back at it again in May.

My goal of reading 50 books this year is still going on. Hopefully I can spare a day or two a month and power read though a couple of books.

For now, you know what's been going on and I do have drafts saved on here but I'm not releasing those yet. I don't know how many posts or books I will do in August but FOR SURE I will have one in September because of the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series!

Jessie x