My Reviewing Policy and How I Rate

Reviewing Policy:

I am happy and willing to receive ARCs, hard copies, paperbacks or eBooks to review. I accept anything but most particular YA, some new adult novels and my interests are usually paranormal, fantasy, dystopian and science fiction. I do accept self published books for review and I will post my review on Goodreads and on here. I provide honest opinions about books for every book I read. If you need my address, e-mail me on one of the addresses in the 'Contact Me' tab above.

How I Rate & Review books: 

5 Stars = I HIGHLY recommend that you read it and its just amazing and there's no words for this. Its just that amazing
4 Stars = You definitely should pick it up and read it and its also amazing but it didn't blow my mind
3 Stars = Its alright. Boring or uninteresting at first but its okay and still a good read
2 Stars = No, just no.
1 Stars = Do I even have to explain this

Sometimes my reviews are rants and me just going insane but I still have an honest and truth worthy opinions. I try not to rant too much but I still post good explanations of whats going throughout the story. I mainly post about the characters, what bothered me, what I loved, the writing style and a little about the plot.  

*UPDATE 1/1/16*
There will be some reviews that will become "booktalks" where I will post a non spoiler overview and a spoiler discussion in the same post. Sometimes it is hard for me to "review" books so I rather go into a discussion where I could say my thoughts about it and my initial reactions.

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