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So you all stumbled upon this page obviously wondering who I am or wanted to know more about me. So, here it goes!

To start it off, my name is Jessie, and yes that is my real name, not a nickname. I am a girl contraire to what some people think. Sidebar: Jessie is a uni-sex name. Now back to the point.

I am in high school. I was born on March 8th in California. I still live in California and never lived anywhere else.

It wasn't until the ending of the 7th grade where I began my love for reading. Before that, I absolutely hated reading and thought of it as a chore because we were forced to read in school for grades. The first book series I actually finished was Pseudonym Bosch's Secret Series. After that I needed something to read because I was bored. So one day, I went into Borders *nostalgia* and every shelf had The Hunger Games on it. This was before I had any knowledge about books. So I picked up The Hunger Games and them bam! I started reading more and more.

After The Hunger Games, I read more YA books -still got no idea how books 'worked' yet. It wasn't until January of 2012 where I found the website Goodreads. Basically, this website was my savior, my go to website for everything, my book life, and most of my computer time during 2012 was on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Blogger.

At first I started reviewing books on Goodreads because I really needed a place to express my thoughts on books. When I finished reading a book in a series that isn't complete yet, I always check out the release date and the synopsis on Goodreads. What I saw at that time was how the heck did people already read it when it wasn't released yet? So then a few months later I found out about ARCs or advance readers copy. I started getting a Netgally and requested ARCs on that website but I always get denied. I wondered why they didn't accept me and I thought that my reviews on Goodreads weren't good enough.

I had a blogger since 2010 when I had another website that I already deleted and will never speak of again. I wondered if I could get more recognition if I created my own blog about books. I posted and made my blog on December of 2012. At first I gotten a few views like 0-5 a month. But when I got my first ever ARC it gotten more views. This was probably the start of my book reading life. I became a bookaholic. I would buy books monthly and would read a book a day -I still do this but me buying books simmered down.

Now thanks to publishers for sending me ARCs, a few authors, and many others, I get to do the things I love and read many more books! 

Outside of reading, I am really into Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. I like TV better than movies. The amount of TV shows I watched it appalling. Since maybe a year ago, I started to pick up on photography and it really has changed my life. I love baking, taking pictures, run, etc.

When people ask me what's my favorite book, I tell them, "Yes". I honestly do not have one specific book that is my favorite nor series. All if not most books are different and unique and asking for a favorite book, you can't just pick one.

I've gone from being a dancer to a gamer, to a movie and TV junkie, to a reader, and then to a photographer.

Hopefully you got to know me a little bit better. If you want to know more or ask me questions or if you're an author and want me to review your book, you can go to the 'Contact Me' tab above.

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